Recorded Webinar: 2018 Early-Session Legislative Update Webinar January 2018

This one-hour webinar will cover the progress of specific 2018 legislation and what's expected through the 2018 session (including PSYPACT legislation, a main focus for CPA this year). It also provides an overview of the differences between statutes, regulations, and policies that govern practice and shows you how to access all of this guidance to be fully aware of the "rules" and stay in compliance.

Learning objectives:
  • Identify the laws, regulations, policies, and other guidance that govern the practice of psychology in Colorado
  • Describe recent and pending legislation in Colorado and understand the impact of such legislation on the practice of psychology
  • Implement processes and policies to increase compliance with relevant laws and regulations 

Presenter: Julie Jacobs, PsyD., J.D.  
Level of Programming: Introductory
CEs Offered: None

This webinar was recorded on: January 19, 2018

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2018 Early-Session Legislative Update Webinar January 2018
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Evaluation of 2018 Legislative Webinar
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